Monday, September 1, 2008


What is mind?

Mind is like a sky, a pure sky without clouds on the surface of it. The thoughts are like clouds, which almost cover the mind, cover the sky almost all the time. Because of these clouds, we are unable to see the real sky; the real sky is hinders behind the clouds. When we look it from the other side or outside, as if the sky does not exist there, only the clouds are. But it is not so, in reality the sky is the mind which is always there. When thoughts are passing like clouds, it seems as if the thoughts are the mind. But Mind is a pure sky without clouds of thoughts. Since the thoughts are always floating on its surface as if, we feel there is no mind underneath, the mind appear only when the thoughts of clouds disappears. When it is necessary, the mind certainly appear like a crystal pure sky without clouds, when it is not in need, it hinders behind the formation of clouds, which always moves and moves, like our thoughts. Our mind is very subtle, it is almost all the time covered with our thoughts and thoughts process so on so forth. And hence, it is difficult for one to have encounter with one’s own mind unless until one has a higher awareness about one’s self. The one who is less aware of this can not encounter with their own mind, and for the one who is more and more aware about his or her own thoughts and capable of controlling or focusing it to a single pointedness can easily encounter his or her mind easily. For others it is not so, more focus is essential to achieve or encounter the mind.

The few words about the mind: - the mind is very subtle, and it is intangible, the mind is nothing but a conglomeration or bundle of thoughts, it is also called chitta.

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