Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We face this state of anger quite often in our life, be at office or work or at any public places for that matter. There are many incidents that leads us to become Angry. We shall have a little insight of such reasons that causes anger and how to tackle them without resulting anger. Try applying these techniques on our day-to-day life and surely you will see the better result in a short period.
  • · The key to anger reduction is knowing yourself. This is achieved effectively by means of Meditation.
  • · Do important jobs now before they become urgent.
  • · When you make mistakes, Learn from them rather than getting angry.
  • · Don't criticize, condemn & complain because it makes you angry.
  • · Learn to say no, when it is required to be told.(SAY IT BOLDLY)
  • · Choose a job you love and you will not have a day of anger in your working life.
  • · Most problems are really the absence of ideas. Think Ahead...Anticipate... Do it or Get it done, even if second best... you will be less angry.
  • · Organize your mind and organize your desk for six minutes every hour.
  • · Accept what you cannot change & Change what you cannot accept.
  • · Ask even stupid questions to avoid mistakes to further avoid others getting angry with you.
  • · Say sorry at the right moment to reduce the anger of others. For every 10 minutes you are angry you lose 600 seconds of happiness. A little pot soon hot!
  • · A short pencil is better than a long memory. Use it to reduce your anger
  • · Nobody can make you angry without your consent.
  • · Never get angry with a man who has nothing to lose.
  • · The most common occupational disease of a poor executive is his inability to listen. The result is anger.
  • · Never reply to a letter when you are angry. At least count down till 10.
  • · Nobody can disgrace us other than ourselves. So why get angry?
  • · Anger is a luxury in which only men of abundant means or absolutely no means can indulge.
  • · Never go to bed with an argument unsettled.
  • · Expectation breeds frustration. Frustration breeds anger. So, Expect Not and shall not be frustrated eventually your anger is controlled.
  • · Work is the best remedy for all angers. Men who do not know how to fight anger, die young.
  • · Make common sense your best friend to reduce your anger and the anger of others.
  • · Indecision makes you angry. Therefore, decide this way or that way.
  • · If all else fails, lower your standards to make you less angry.
  • · You cannot change others as easily as you can change yourself.
  • · Do not just catch your employees or your children doing wrong things; it will make you angry. Catch them doing right things.
  • · When you want to get things done, use creative ways to remind people as they tend to forget conveniently; this will reduce your anger.
  • · Most people remember 20 % of what they hear... understand this fact to reduce your anger.
    Last but not least, - 'A Match stick has a head but not a brain'.