Sunday, November 23, 2008



One of the most excellent mechanisms in our world is our mind Even our modern science is unable to describe or define the whole of our mind, they all are defined many perspectives of our mind but not yet, as a total of it, or as a whole of our mind. They all reached to some extent, beyond a point they are unable to go and define the total. Because the mind is such, to understand or to define, It is because no one is properly taped the potentiality of our mind, not only that, if one need to understand the mind, he/she has to use their mind, and hence this understanding itself is limited, and if, really one want to know means, one has to go beyond one step forward or higher than one’s own mind, so that you can see your mind from outside as a outsider, that may lead you to focus and understand your mind completely. If, one realized all the truth about one’s own mind, and then only at least he or she is able to explain a bit or whole about it. We, so called Homo sapiens reached or trying to reach everywhere, the moon, the mars and trying to reach many other far away planets in the cosmos and to some extent we are capable of reaching the far and beyond, But as far as our own mind is concerned, it is still seems to be untouched or unreachable to the whole. So that motivates us to study more about our own mind. With this inspiration We need to study more and more about our mind, it is very much indeed of our today’s world, once we properly understood our own potentiality of our own mind, than what ever we study or learn will have more quality and meaning in it, and whatever we do with that understanding will pulsate with our life energy. We have to touch and reach or taping the overall capacity of our own mind. Then the individual realization will come latter on, but the study or the more study about our mind in all perspectives is urgently needed. Let it be - psychological, philosophical, and spiritual, sceintifical, social, historical, cultural, religious, let it be anything, each and every aspects is, as important as the mind is concerned.