Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Good Vocabulary Is Vital

Increase your word power.
  • A good vocabulary is an asset. If the speakers have limited vocabulary then they will adhere to repetition.
  • Naturally using the same words several times bores the listener.
  • Also keep your vocabulary reasonably simple.
  • Avoid the following phrases, which are usually repeated. You see, OK, You follow, you know what I mean, I see, Yes yes and much more.
  • Use the alternative words. Say for example,

(1)Rural area: mufussil, countryside, region far away from cities and towns.

(2)Best: Finest, super, excellent, grand.

While concluding a speech use good and soft vocabulary. Avoid telling,

  • “The time given to me is very less. Otherwise I would have explained the subject in detail”
  • "Even I don’t have time to give – brief summary of the main points.”


Stop all our judging / gauging of the other person with our prejudice/negative condition of the mind. Just De-Condition and Start loving every one around you.Create a 'Aura/Love field' around you.That's it,life is very simple.Do not complicate it unnessarily.LOVE is all and LOVE all.