Monday, September 1, 2008



The mind is within you, but it is really a projection of the society inside you. It is not yours. It belongs to all, all those past and the present generation, your parents, fore fathers, your religion, your nation, your politician, your priest and so on. Your mind is the real storehouse of all those past and present impressions. As the evolution in progress the mind also progress along with the evolution of the human race, and hence what ever I think in my mind, it is not alone mine, it is the refined outcome of the thought process, which I have accumulated deep in my mind from my environment or surroundings from my parents or where I’m born and growing day by day.

The mind, which is in our control, is our greatest strength,
The mind, which is uncontrolled, is our greatest enemy,
The mind can be our greatest strength and it can also be our greatest enemy.”

As J.Krishnamorthy said, “ we are the world”, it is exactly right, this world is of our creation; it is created by our mind.

Whatever we experience in this world is also as per the condition of our mind. When one’s mind is depressed, one is depressed. And one is depressed to him or her world appears to be depressed. Similarly one’s mind is happy, one is happy and entire world seems to be truly a wonderful place. That is essential. We develop our mind in such a way that we turn out to be a better person and experience the world of greater joy and happiness, whether we want success in the materialistic world or the supreme happiness of spiritual realization, our mind is the only equipment we have for attaining it. With it we can make a better choice, a better life.

Remember everything we do, the way we talk, walk, sit and stand, eat, work, laugh, think, behave, see, etc., all are reflects the quality of our mind.

So, it is purely our choice to lead a happy and joyful life or a full of sorrow and miserable life, all this capacity or wisdom to choose the best is depends upon one individuality or the quality of one’s mind, who ever is capable of tuning one mind is capable of enjoying and celebrating one’s life.

When one understands all this above process, systematically under the guidance of a proper guru, one can attain all this transformations. When one attains this transformation one will gain all the natural power of the macrocosmic world and one is having higher awareness with greater mind caliber with vast potentiality. This is the real transformation, which will make one free from all kind of slavery, bondages or discriminations etc, this is the true transformation.

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