Saturday, December 24, 2011



We all learned in our schools,especially in essay writings " Honesty Is The Best Policy" is'n it!!. We write so nicely about honesty and scored good marks..But my personal opinion is "This honesty is missed in real life or may be rare".It may exit in text books or in essays.In our education system is such we learn so many good things but never ready to accept/adapt it in practical life situation.I am talking about the majority.There are exemption few good souls still adapt and live life up-to it.

What is the purpose of education?

Let it be even higher education....i found few perception/purpose of education is to shape&rise the individual to his/her higher consciousness.

In other words-
"The end aim of all education is the development of 'CHARACTER' ".

When one is honest, he may miss many friends.Very few friends will be with us...Still,that is good...let us miss out the others, not a problem.Who ever stand with us for our honesty that's good enough.

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