Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sail Smooth

"All the water in the ocean never sink the ship unless it get inside of it."
" All the pressure of life never hurt you,Unless you allow it inside of you"

Every now and then, in life we face/encounter so many problems/struggle's.When ever we face such kind, we instantly get upset/worry too much about it and take everything inside of us,... that hurts.Not just hurts,it also cover our mind and our mind refuse to think to solve the problem in hand...slowly, by and by this will have impact in our personality and we may become a very angry person, that make us a blow-out personality.Throwing anger out for every small things and that hurts us and the people around us.

In the corporation bus's,you can see this kind of personality in bus conductor's.(Hope you would have seen) They always ask change for the ticket and when people give notes they just blast for no reason( This is called blow-out sensation).This people use abusive languages into the passengers...after they go home the same irritation they carry. They show the same anger, even at their kids who come with love and affection... This is a chain reaction that go's from one to another.

It is caused by occupational stress.To avoid this, just be aware of your emotion and learn to keep it under control where ever you are in.If you are not aware about ..then that creates more problems for you and also affect your relationship.Next time, when you drunk with more anger or irritation that pop's out as a verbal abuse.So watch out and never allow the problem to enter unto you,remember the ship and be like a ship that float in the water,by just not allowing the water inside of it and still sufing and reach it destination.

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