Saturday, August 1, 2009

Conditioning - Learning perspective

Our mind is accustomed, almost to the logical reasoning/the mathematical logic, the mind is conditioned to the extreme of logical reasoning by our schools, colleges and universities, and our whole education system is designed in this way only, so the mind, almost lost the other side of reasoning, which is nothing but the existential logic, which is very important for our practical day to day life.

For eg.
a) There are three doors, out of these three doors; two doors are open, than the mind immediately assume or consider that, the third door is closed. But in reality it needs not to be so.

b) When one sees the bird outside through the keyhole, so one vision is limited to the particular limited (Narrow) area or so. when one see the bird flying within one’s limited visionary area outside …when it flew away from this limited area, the mind think that the bird is no more (or) the mind perceives, as if, the bird is not existed in the whole of existence, since one’s vision is condition to certain limit, his logic doesn’t allow to think beyond.

c) Two men behind the prison bars are seeing out side world of the prision, the one will see the earth near by, the other one see the star in the sky which is far away.

Break all your conditioning which becomes a hindrance/Barriers in your Learning .

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