Thursday, March 19, 2009


As we all progress in our life, the world around us is also growing rapidly along with us.we all are living in the age of the 'information is wealth' and 'time is money'.
In the 'cyber space' has sets its own technological advancement and revolution,it is not like any conventional medium, like print media where the reach is limited to some extent.The internet communication has reached everywhere,here there is no limit.Even to the un-reachable is vey much reachable today with the help of internet.Now any one from any world corner can reach/communicate with anyone on the other side.Internet is the right medium for instant communication network connector with mulitple access with millions of people within no time.
I am a very proud blogger myself,i love writting.i have been blogging for the last several years.before came to blogging,Earlier i used write my insights in a peace of papers,after some time i may forget or i used find very difficult to organise or to manage all those written piece of papers contents wise.
preserving these paper documents is not an easy task.Not only that all our valuable and precise knowledge/Essence written down in those paper will be lost in a short while,it is no more useful to anyone.i was not in a positin to share things with my friends that easily..
I found blogging is one of the most profound tool to express my inner world with the whole external world around me.i can reach to millions of people effortlessy.just post my wriiting in my blogs and the millions can view my blog writtings from any where,and even they can share their opinion through their comments/feedback.Not only that, i can organise my writtings contents wise/name wise, labels wise etc. My postings can be kept systematically and the accessability is very easy and speedy.
Blog is right choice for the multimodes of communications.
Blog is boon for our humanity.i am very much facinated towards blogs an its marvelous is very simple to create a blog write your stuff and easy to manage and very simple to the reach the mass just like that. Not only that the present&future of 'e- comerce' or 'e-business' is happening / going to happen on line. it is inevitable.Even today one can see thousands of banner and other advertisements online.
Here in blogvertise -> one can make money while doing his passionate writing into blog/blog postingss.if your passion is writing is the right choice for you to make money through blog postings.
here the advertiser are willing to pay per post right from $5 to $800. Any Qualified writers who can write an article/ post in 200 words or more are eligible to yarn money.
The blogvertise is one site which provide the optimum link between the advertiser with bloggers.This site is managed by the professional team who excell in the field of blog advertisings ,it is a great opportunity for a blogger like me.even the house wife's can mint money just by siting in their homes and write a little and make good income.
This will give/bridge the richness in side and outside.One can excell and go beyond his/her conditioned limitations and really can make use of all their creative talents hidden is also useful for the readers.
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Blogvertise has a ignited team, the team may even approve your blogs/blog postings within 24 hours also.
So i wish you a happy blogging and blog postings ,just by doing so let me hearfully wish you to attain Great prosperty.i expect you to read the bloggers rules and guidlines throughly.
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" Thank you for your valuable time,do visit again and also
you can write your feedback to me. "
Have a Wonderful Life Ahead.

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