Thursday, March 12, 2009



  • Time is something that you can’t buy.

  • Time is something’ that is priceless.

  • Time will bring us into many situations.

  • Time is true and exact. You can’t deny time, you can’t pass time even just skip for a sec and you can’t roll back.

  • Time will lost you if you ignore, it and time will found you if you respect it.

  • Time is always goes and never turns back.

  • Time will leave you behind if you trapped in your sec-of-your-moment.

  • Time will bring you the truth.

  • Time will show you the power of God.

  • Time will bring you pain also bring you heal.

  • Time will tell you when you have to move and when you have to stop.

  • Time always give you a question and answer.

  • Time will give you love and take it from you.

  • Time is never look back.

  • Time will bring you a picture of the future.

  • Time will tricking your mind.

  • Time will open your new day and will close your entire life.

  • Time will bring you loneliness and will bring you crowd.

  • Time will bring you power and take it away.

  • Time will inspire you.

  • Time is going to be your friend when you alone.

  • Time will make you to realize about you.

  • Time will awake you and put you in a sleep.

  • Time will show you of whom you are and what you are.

  • Time will bring you an opportunity.

  • Time will found you to something that you lost.

  • Time will warn you.

  • Time its all you got in this life. And time will limit you.

‘Even time can be judge of 24 hours a day, 30 to 31 days a month, 12 month a year, but you never know how much time do you have in this life.Just remember and know your time, you will see everything.’

“I can not change time, but time can change me.”

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