Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Whatever we see in this world is per the condition of our mind.if one is happy inside he/she used to be happy externally too.

'If,i am in a happy state of mind the entire world seems to me or appears to me a wonderfull place to live in and enjoy .'

Who ever is capable of tunning up his/her mind in a state of Balance/Equliberium can always have a 'High Quality of Living' right here and now....For these people who tunned very well within, can manage any worst or the best- external/internal clouds of change and maintain a great stream of consistency in their thought process..these people are very much balanced,nothing can make them tensed up,stress(eu-stress),anger,irritated... or any of these negative traps of conditionings.

'If, my mind is in sad state of conditioning the entire world seems to me or appears to me a 'Hell Place' to live in. where the life is full of miseries and sorrows,no quality of living is seems to be attainable or may be rare to attain.'

So...each one among us carry a unique faculty called the 'mind' which will, all the time fluctuates from here to there like a pendulum in the has to go on and one enjoys it (accept it) or not!! many times life goes 'un-aware'. we simply pass time,and life may go's on and on, in the absence of our awareness..(The un-consciousness living)

Bring Great Awareness Unto Your Being...
Let Us Lead Our Life With Full of Fun and Adventure...
Let Us Really Celeberate each and every moments.
Let it Go Forever..

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