Friday, October 31, 2008


Brain Exercises

Get Smarter: Do These Brain Exercises.
It's called neurobics.
Engage your senses in a novel way and you'll get smarter.
Just like you need to exercise your muscles to keep your body in shape, you need to exercise your brain to keep your mind sharp.
One way to do this is a technique called neurobics-a play on the word aerobics-that uses one or more of your five senses in novel and unconventional ways that are meant to engage your attention and add an unexpected element to a routine activity, reports HealthDayNews.
The result?
Brain cells become more active and stimulated, and it actually creates new connections in areas of the brain that process sensory input. Put simply, your brain gets recharged.
  • Duke University researchers say if you do these simple-but somewhat weird-exercises regularly, you'll keep your brain nimble and ready for new challenges.
HealthDayNews describes five neurobics exercises:

· Use your non-dominant hand as you go through your morning rituals, such as combing or styling your hair, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, and making your breakfast.
· Close your eyes as you shower and use your sense of touch to locate your soap and wash yourself. Your brain must then rely on your other four senses to complete the task.
· Turn the pictures on your desk or shelves upside down.
· Experience new sights and sounds by going to a new ethnic or farmer's market or bakery.
· When you travel abroad, immerse yourself completely in unfamiliar surroundings. For example, go to a small town where no one speaks your language, try new foods, and stay in a local bed-and-breakfast.
· Other neurobics activities you can do that break up your mental routine include rearranging your living, office, or desk space or take a different route to work or the mall.

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