Monday, September 22, 2008


In today’s world we are the most comfortable beings on this world as far as the technological conveniences and comforts are concerned. Here, the question is, are we really comfortable in terms with our inner-world or the joyfulness is concerned ? it is not. is n't it?

I have found one thing, after being with many people, they all running their life ...with so much of inner urgency, always hurry, rushing towards something externally, and not able to hear or fallow their inner -voice, simply they all ,always busy or doing something restlessly, even it is not necessary. Which, they would have thought that, it was very essential at that moment. If, one’s look at all those previous / past is all look funny now. Now one may realize that, its all waste of time or one is not satisfied about it...why is it so..!! It’s Almost happens with every one, than what shall we do about it. There is a way....

Just stop, still, pause, relax, and take your own time to decide what you are going do to. Do not rush. Hear you rinner-voice or instinct / intuition / hunch…listen, than proceed...enjoy all your doings willingly,...without any urgency...its not needed...this is the way you can attain your contentment / fulfillment...whatever you may do. Does it with totality. that will give you new meaning and grace in your life.

It’s like this - the wild-water always rushing towards, it does not know where it’s going and where it destiny ends, but it simply rush & rush destroy so many things. And it may not be as useful as the normal river is.

The river, flow smoothly, and spread its wing's every where. to the farm land, to the plants, to the people and the cattle in and around...and finally merge into the ocean...because it is channelised properly towards its the end point for both of the rivers are the same. but the water wastage in wild flood water is so high.

We all are restless as far as our external world is concerned; we are like the sea waves at the top.We must be calm like the deep sea. No disturbing waves, the water is calm. Content enough, without any outer wave’s disturbance, we must learn the art of going deep within us....this is a rare chance for you to go within you, there is no where to go? There is nothing to achieve. Use / transform all your external conveniences / comforts / energy to go within you. It is the real bridging of the two worlds and live a life of blissfulness.

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