Monday, August 25, 2008



As we all progress in our life, is our memory is progressing or going down? In general the people/students used say its going down, when I put forth this question. So the majority say the memory is slowly coming down as we grow up. Is this a fact or not? It’s a fact.

You can remember the lessons which you have learned in your first standard/ pre k.g’s.but you used to forget the lessons which you have learned today morning. We all can remember ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ right? But we forgot the lessons which we have learned in our7th/8th standard. See this carefully. What is happening to you? You must know this, if you know this, which is the solution unto you.

One another problem we all used face is, if I ask you something, you know the answer, but you can not remember instantly, you may say, it is there in the tip of my tongue and I cant speak it out. Am I right? This is how you do in your examination also. You know the answer for the question asked, but at that point of time in the examination hall, you used find it difficult to recall it. But after coming out of the exam hall you may discuss things with your friends and the minute they just start pronounce the first word, you will exited and say, Aiyyo! I knew it, but I couldn’t recall it there in the exam hall. Did you notice that? We are all like Karna. Karna is the one who studied all the sastras, but at the time of war he can’t remember anything.

You study the subjects for the whole year, but at the time of examination you must put all your answers in the answer sheet, than only you can score mark, if you are unable to recall or remember the answers from your storage than it is a waste of time and energy. We must find out a solution to end this problem right?
So, I am here today to give you the essence. Once you learn this essence,that is going to alter your memory skills.

We all must understand a few aspects of our memory and learning process.

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